Duck Cheney’s Survival Bible

Welcome to Duck Cheney, for all of your outdoor survival needs! Whether you are looking for tips and tricks on something as basic as starting a fire or expert advice on all of the required equipment to pull off a successful hike and climb. We are here to provide you with all of the tricks of the trade and to serve as a hub for outdoors enthusiasts to join together and share their experiences and ideas. If you have any survival tips that you would like to share with us too then please by all means feel free to contact us and submit your suggestions for revision.

fishing chartersDuck Cheney’s true passion lies with fishing! When preparing for a trip out with the fishing charters Sydney residents and tourists alike can significantly benefit from Duck Cheney’s survival bible. You will discover a wealth of professional and experienced advice on exactly what you’ll need to have with you before embarking on your adventure.

Not only will you discover comprehensive step by step guides but you will also find detailed lists of all of the required equipment too. One of the major benefits of this information source is that we also provide all of the dos and don’ts and of course the pro’s and con’s too. What should you expect to discover when you embark on your adventure? The outdoors is a truly spectacular and wondrous beast but nature can throw many hurdles before you so it is paramount that you are ready and up to the challenge! Take your time and absorb all of the information that you can, research and preparedness is the key to staying safe and succeeding with your outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re trekking, climbing, hunting or fishing: Duck Cheney’s survival bible is a must-read!